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We provide contract and shutdown based staffing service in various industries. Our first priority is satisfy client. We keep transparency between employers and employees before final procedure.

 International Recruitment
 Temporary and Contract staffing.
 Outsourcing and Out placement service
 Career Management.
 Visa Assistance
 Emigration
 Ticketing
 Visit Visa
 Umrah Package
 Tours & Travels


We will keep the candidates posted of the visa status so that they are ready for departures even at short notice.

We will complete travel formalities upon receipt of / endorsement of visa and inform clients regarding departure of candidates.

The employer may send PTA or remit necessary travelling expenses in favor of National Exports to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Dept. for the candidates.


Once the potential candidate has been identified, the next step is his selection test by the employer or his authorized representative.

In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of the prospective employee, we conduct it with the help of a panel of experts, for technical & professional categories, under direct supervision of our professional executives.


For selected candidates, we will apply for the visa in the respective embassy as authorized by the employer.

Our visa services are applicable to the following areas:
 Employment Visa
 Visit Visa
 Work Permits

Our specialized recruitment team are well versed with each industry we cater to and efficiently source best talent in industry. Specialized sector we provide.

 Administrative and Support Services
 Transportation and Logistics
 Banking and Finance
 Technology and Telecom
 Manufacturing and Industrial
 Healthcare and Science
 Construction and Property
 Oil, Gas and Energy


What makes us unique?


The only basic aim while recruiting the candidate is the betterment of our sponsor's firm/organization. We follow the below mentioned steps - for recruitment of candidates for our renowned Sponsors.


This is the first and very important step as this is the beginning, as this is very well said that well begun is half done. Our team takes the time to make comprehensive understanding of client's business as its committed to provide the unparallel quality and services related to the recruitment and services. We firstly listen and understand the demand of our sponsors in-depth understanding the job vacancy contributes to the success of organization."

We always keep in mind the important criteria, issues & challenges that the company may face. Hence we need to present the suitable candidate. As we understand that a small misconception and negligence may give rise to a big problem in future.


After listening to the demand and understanding it in a brief manner we analyze the demand as to its importance, We have adopted international consultant theory and a methodology to ensure timely and successfully executive search we utilize the in depth market knowledge and to do comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers.

We do the bifurcation of the demand depending upon their profession. We give the respective task to various HR panels to further study them and assign them to the assessment department.


We have a network of highly specialized offices all over the country. The assessment team is wisely spread with its networking in almost every state in India. Each branch's staff is committed to project in certain area such as outsourcing and permanent recruitment.

A cohesive professional group covering the spectrum of industrial practices covers up whole of India. It takes the demand and fits it as per the state wise availability of resources (candidates).

This team releases ads, make personal interaction by approaching various states head, working there as a representative or as free lancers. The C.V's. and candidates are brought under one roof for their short listing, handled by a working personnel department.


This department then analyzes the demand of the Sponsor and matches it with the collected C.V's and candidates. Shortlist them and provide it to the sponsor. The ratio of the selection which we maintain is 90-95%. After getting the final approval we start with the candidate's medical, mofa, visa endorsement and emigration procedures.

Once the medical and the mofa are done we go through all the procedure as swiftly as we can. We make sure it gets completed within the time span of two weeks. Then approval for the flight from sponsor is taken and ight is made as per the sponsor requirement. These enable us to fully comprehend the need of both, our client and our candidates and consequently meet those successes which are always in our sight.


This involves the last process, as we deploy the candidate and inform the sponsor about it. When the candidate reach there we give the confirmation call to the sponsor about it and later on have a friendly chat with the sponsors about the nature of work the candidate is having towards his duty.

We provide the perfect match and solution for the needs of our client through the long term client relationship built on with experience insight and team work to meet those success, we always search for new way to improve our standards.


Our years of experience & experienced professionals who are highly educated and possess an apt understanding of the requirements of various industries.

Each & every professional recruited by us is selected by us after conducting an extensive assessment of its relevant domain knowledge, industry experience and high qualifications.

We makes sure that selected professional meets all the roles & responsibilities of the desired job specified by clients. Uncountable severe tests are taken of these professionals to judge their interpersonal and working skills.

Owing to our well-defined quality policy to hire personnel for technological and managerial process, we have gained good market credibility.

We are the service provider to this mankind. With some aims and objective set they are:
 A 25+ year commitment to sourcing, attracting and delivering retail professionals with proven track records of success to premier organizations.
 National Exports help to recruit talented and highly qualified individuals. As a leading supplier of global resource solutions, we take pride in providing career opportunities for professionals working in more than 10 countries worldwide. We are committed to finding candidates that match and exceed your recruitment needs and business objectives No 1 Recruitment agency in Mumbai (India).
 Our expertise allows us to deliver people faster because we already have relationships with thousands of hospitality & retail professionals across the operating disciplines of the business.
 Our aim is to support you make the most of the remaining years you have on this universe by connecting you to the real world opportunities that can help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams.
 Service to the betterment to the Indian economy.
 Service to generate more and more employment opportunities.

We have our main aim and that is to employ each and every citizen of India, whether skilled/unskilled, he should be standing with his head high, with dignity and self respect. He should be proud of his life that he has achieved what he once desired.